TeamPower is a rental workforce company that offers companies a complete solution by providing a qualified workforce.

We find a team of suitable rental workforce for the company!

Advantages of rental workforce

Benefits for the company

  • Save time and money in finding workforce
  • No binding contracts with employees
  • There are no obligations to pay daily sick pay and holiday pay
  • All taxes on employees are paid by the rental workforce company
  • Possible to use rental workforce short termed / seasonally
  • The workforce can be hired from a few employees to a large team
  • Employee accommodation is organized and paid by us if necessary
  • Quick response to finding a replacement worker (e.g. employee illness)
  • Quick time of the employees for entering their duties
  • Fixed agreed hourly rate
  • You pay only for hours worked
  • Flexible form of cooperation

Why choose a rental workforce?

Renting a workforce is a useful and convenient solution for the company by saving a large amount of time and money in finding a suitable workforce, and the company does not have to deal with employment contracts and other costs usually associated with the workforce (holiday pay, sick leave, taxes). As a company offering rental workforce, we are responsible for it. Thus, the company saves its own valuable internal resources and, ultimately, the rental of workforce (even partial) is a useful solution for the company.

Workforce rent is by nature a very flexible form of cooperation, because in addition to long-term employment relationships, it is also possible to hire workers short term and seasonally – as is currently the case in the company. The workforce can be hired from a few employees to a large work team. All you have to do is to map the expectations of the workforce to the positions and the rest is up to us to find you the right people for your company, in terms of age, gender and skills.

Another advantage of rental workforce is that a foreign worker is always motivated to do high-level work in the country of destination and the satisfaction rate of our partners has always been very high with the rental workforce. Our rental workforce comes mainly from Ukraine, where our well-selected skilled workers are proficient in Russian, and English language skills are also widely used.

For the employer

Information for the employer

TeamPower offers a full service in intermediating rental workforce and all the documentation, taxes, binding contracts, etc. that are related to the workforce are our responsibility. Our goal is to provide your company with a helping hand in finding a high quality and sustainable workforce and, in a short time, we can also provide a larger number of staff if needed. It is possible to order workers in one or two pairs, up to a larger team and brigade. We are a reliable partner who has been in the field for four years. We respect long-term cooperation and offer a competitive and flexible partnership for finding a workforce.

We have very good experience with workforce from Ukraine. We have reliable partners in the country who, according to the industry, are guiding us with the right staff that the job seeker and the company currently needs. Our main activity so far has been with companies operating in the Estonian and Finnish markets, but we are also open to companies operating in other European countries. 

Our main fields of activity in rental workforce are:

  • Construction workforce (all specifications);
  • Auxiliary workers;
  • Factory and line workforce (all areas);
  • Packaging and assembly workforce;
  • Warehouse workers.

You can always ask about other areas by writing to us:

For the job seeker

For the job seeker

If you are hardworking and want to find a rewarding job with motivating salary and good conditions, feel free to contact us. We are also happy to work with workforce coming from Estonia and we can offer both short- and long-term jobs according to the client. Post your current work experience or CV and we will contact you. Both women and men are expected to apply. We work with a number of large Estonian factories and organizations that need new manpower continuously. We also have many cooperation partners in Finland.

If you would like to apply for a job, or hire an employee then please contact us.

About us

Why choose TeamPower as a partner?

The main goal of TeamPower is to have a quality, sustainable and long-term cooperation with companies that have chosen us as our cooperation partner. We always do our best to make the cooperation work smoothly, and we try to find quick and satisfactory solutions in every situation. We have been in business for four years and have good experience in the field.

Here are our core values:

Vision: Our vision is to be a high-level support provider for quality workforce.

Mission: Our mission is to be a long-term and trustworthy partner to ensure the partner’s expectations of finding a suitable staff quickly.

Purpose: Our primary goal is to find suitable, high-quality staff for our partner company in the shortest possible time and to be a solid choice on the market as a support provider in the workforce field.

Moto: Helping to achieve your goals in cooperation! In other words, we will find a suitable rental workforce team (Team) to work together so that your company can continue to operate at full capacity and achieve its goals (Power)!


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